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Feng Shui Wind Chimes

In Feng shui the use of wind chimes is considered as the commonly used remedies all over the home whether you place it inside or outside of your home. With the help of sound the ‘qi’ or the energy present in a particular space is altered. It can help in protecting a specific space from ‘qi’ that flows rapidly or it can also be helpful for activating the ‘qi’ if it is standstill. For that reason every part of the home may require the chimes for separated tasks.

The wind chimes are offered in a number of types as these are created with different materials. In feng shui every material plays a significant role as different materials actually represents the five elements. As the number of element in feng shui are five, except the fire element, the others can be denoted by wind chimes. s. When you add that element, then a balance is created in that area with all the elements. Glass chimes denote the element of water. Bamboo and wood chimes denote the wood element. While ceramic chimes denote the earth element. Learn more about wind chimes in 2015 forecast. Metal is an element that is most commonly denoted, with chimes created from steel, brass, iron,  aluminum copper and bronze.

Some other aspects of feng shui wind chimes can be important too. All the wind chimes have different number of rods. Different number of rods have different meanings. The number five is the most common and preferred number, the reason behind the preference is that every single rod actually denotes one of the total five elements. The use of this kind of chimes is specifically for harmonizing a location by creating the balance of all the five elements. Another important use of this is for protection from misfortune. There are six or eight rods offered too with different entirely different meanings. These are meant for attracting or enhancing good fortune.


The placement of special feng shui tools can be kept at different places. The size of the indoor wind chimes is smaller and these are mostly created with metal. On the other hand, the size of the garden wind chimes are mostly bigger and these are created with bamboo. Some locations are not considered suitable for this kind of tool, as sound waves can cause distraction. Such locations are eating, sleeping, sitting and working areas. The important thing is determining particular locations that require protection, balance or enhancement. Do not include locations that will not effect you positively and select the appropriate material and also the number of rods for the task that you want to achieve.

Feng Shui Decorating For Financial Success

Most people are unaware of the fact that the environment has an impact on the success of financial situation. Our living and working spaces are full of positive and negative energy the area of southeast is linked with finances or wealth. Now the question is how to make use of financial feng shui for enhancing the performance of these available energies.

Improve Wealth Through Feng Shui

In order to begin first determine the exact location of southeast area. The southeast side is not the side from where enter inside the door, but you have to establish the southeast direction. Those who face financial issues usually find out that their wealth sections are not in good shape.


The most common problem is the clutter that blocks and traps energy so de-clutter your environment. There is no need of accumulating useless items around so get rid of them. Also clean the closets as well as rooms that falls in the category of wealth areas. This is because the clutter can block the flow of positive energy.

It is quite helpful once the cleaning of your wealth area is done. There is one more disadvantage that the clutter can cause more stress particularly when you try to find something from that clutter. When the wealth section is clean then energy can flow smoothly in your home.

Once you de-clutter your environment now is the time to add the elements that are good for attracting energy of money. Learn more on the 2014 forecast for feng shui. Another good source for attracting money includes healthy green plants, particularly when located in a southeastern corner. Take special care of the plants that are placed in this direction as a result of which you can enjoy prosperity in your life.

The element of metal is linked with both wealth and protection, and so it is important to include it in your decor. This may include metal of all kinds: silver, gold, stainless steel, aluminum and brass, and some other. Take special care when you use metal and try to avoid sharp edges ad prefer metal items with round edges instead.. It may sound little challenging but it’s actually easy like you can use a vase made of metal with flowers, a photo frame with round corners made of silver or bronze sculpture.

Feng Shui Colors

Colors play a vital role too. As per Feng Shui the colors that are considered good for attracting money are blue, red as well as purple. The color red and purple helps in supporting the energy when you work for building your career. The blues are linked to the element of water and it represents abundance, and who does not want financial abundance. The colors green and brown are also utilized; these symbolized the energy of growth, health as well as vitality, which are also denoted for abundance and a cure in feng shui for finances and prosperity.

Most people believe that the use of financial feng shui decorating in house and working environment can enhance wealth and so it is gaining popularity. The best thing is that it does not require too much effort, you just need to add crystals, aquariums and symbols like the Moon Frog in your decor. Do not ignore your personal choice when you are making use of symbols and energy attractors for decoration.

Decorating Your Garden With Feng Shui

When Feng Shui decorating is implemented in your entire house then the next thing comes to mind is the garden for more motivation. Garden is a place in our house that becomes the favorite spot in summers for family activities and relaxation. Applying some Feng Shui principles to our garden can have a positive impact too like we do in our house.

Feng Shui Decorating for Garden

At first, it is important to know all the five elements in Feng Shui, fire, water wood, metal and earth so maintaining a balance between all these elements within your garden is must.  When it comes to applying principles to your garden, consider the seasons and visualize the appearance at different time of the year not only at the time when you are applying new designs.


The designing of your garden must be done naturally and in order to give it an artistic look mix well the shapes and sizes of your garden element. In case if you are applying Feng Shui decorating to your garden then keep in mind to leave free space for Chi energy to move or flow so that it remains balanced for all those individuals who use the garden.


Now you are aware that you can accomplish harmony and peace when there is natural flow of energy from our Feng Shui garden to our house, so with the right placing of the right items in our garden will result in positive flow of energy in the direction of your house. Basically it is related to water element so keep in mind that when you plan to apply the design of Feng Shui garden then you can either create a fountain or pot for representing water element as well as adding rocks inside to represent the element of earth  As mentioned earlier in the last article the direction of its flow should be into your money section of your house so while placing use Bagua chart the way you used for your house, this is to ensure it is well aligned to your house.

Including all the five elements of Feng Shui Garden is the best thing for best results. So you can include a water fountain in which 3 elements are present, water, metal and earth, also you can include trees and bushes as well as garden stove for completing all the five elements.


There is no particular requirement related to the size of the garden but the balance of the five elements and the flow of energy is must, also keep in mind the first rule of Feng Shui Decorating method is that de-clutter it first which goes for a garden as well.